To our Valued Clients

We must regrettably announce that Global Technology Associates, Inc. will stop selling hardware appliances, software firewalls, monthly maintenance and all subscriptions as of 1 May 2018. All items will be available for sale until and through 1 May 2018, but coverage periods for subscriptions must terminate no later than 31 May 2018. Non-subscription add-on items, such as user license upgrades, Mobile VPN client licenses and Single Version Upgrades will be available for purchase through 31 May 2018.

Existing contracts and/or subscriptions with end dates beyond 31 May 2018 will continue to be serviced until they expire. We intend to keep our license servers, web site and support center up and running as long as possible.

GB-Ware firewall software licenses and GB-850 appliances are still available for purchase at a heavily discounted rate through 31 May 2018, for those clients who wish to have spares on hand. Note that support for these new purchases is not guaranteed beyond 31 May 2018. Please contact for details on these special items.

We thank all of our customers past and present for their patronage over these past 26 years. Some of you have been with us for nearly as long as GTA has been in existence and we deeply appreciate your loyalty over the years. We wish circumstances were different and GTA could continue on; however, that is not possible.

Global Technology Associates, Inc. was founded in 1992, as a small software company by software engineers who sought to produce quality products they cared about. Due to current business circumstances, GTA is no longer able to keep producing quality products and offer the personalized services our customers appreciated and came to rely on over the years.

Please direct any questions or concern you might have to and we will do our very best to address any issues.

Paul Emerson
3 April 2018

Please reference this FAQ regarding the future disposition of GTA Firewall products