Questions About the Future of GTA Firewall Products

No. GTA is only halting the sale of products on 31 May 2018. All license servers will continue normal operation. At some point in time the license server will go offline, however we will provide notification on this website before that occurs. We plan to have GB-OS version that will operate without the need for the license servers prior to the servers going offline.

Yes, however it depends on the type of GTA Firewall system and GB-OS version. All firewall appliances will continue to function regardless of which version of GB-OS they are running. Customers running GB-Ware will need to be running GB-OS 6.2.12, which will be released before the GTA servers are shutdown. If GB-Ware customers do not upgrade to GB-OS 6.2.12 those system will cease to function when the GTA servers are no longer accessible.

All firewall systems must have valid registration activation codes in order to function. You should insure that you make a backup of your configuration and store a copy of the activation code offline. There is a separate FAQ topic addressing subscription features.

If your GTA firewall is an appliance product additional optional features will continue to function as long as a valid activation code is present on the firewall for each optional feature. If your GTA firewall is a GB-Ware system it will need to be running GB-OS 6.2.12 and have valid activation codes for each optional feature. Optional features are:

  • High Availability Option
  • Multi-Interface Network Expansion Option
  • VPN Client Licenses
  • Crypto Acceleration

All subscription features operate in the same manner with the exception of Web Content Filtering. The subscription features listed below will continue to function after the license servers are shutdown. These feature however will no longer be able to receive data updates, so the feature will be operating off a static database that will eventually become out of date. "Subscription" checkbox will need to be deselected on the items that have this field, otherwise the firewall will generate warning/error messages.

For Web Content Filtering please reference these separate section regarding this subscription

  • Country Code Blocking - twill continue to function but no updates.
  • Anti-Virus - will continue to function but no updates.
  • Anti-Spam - will continue to function but no updates.
  • IPS - will continue to function but no updates.

Yes. Web Content Filtering subscriptions should continue to function normally for the period of the subscription. Once the subscription has expired this feature will no longer continue to function. Web Content Filtering should continue to function even after the GTA servers are shutdown. The Web Content Filtering lookup databases are operated by a third party vendor and that service will continue normally until a subscription has expired.

In order for Web Content Filtering to continue functioning on systems with valid contracts after the GTA servers are shutdown the firewall must be running GB-OS 6.2.12.

If your system is currently on any version of GB-OS 6.2 or you have a current support contract you will be able to upgrade to GB-OS 6.2.12 free of charge. You can do this either from the Automated Update feature from the web administration interface or via a download and manually update from the GTA online support center

If your system is on a version of GB-OS prior to 6.2 and you have no support contract you can purchase a single version upgrade to GB-OS 6.2 and get GB-OS 6.2.12. Contact GTA Sales at
If the firewall is a GTA firewall appliance it will continue to operate normally, but will generate warnings about not being able to contact a GTA server. If your firewall is a GB-Ware system it will eventually stop working as it will no longer be able to validate the license with a GTA server.

Yes, however if your GTA firewall product is not running GB-OS 6.2.10 or higher it may not be able to access the GTA servers due to our domain name change to Valid subscription services will continue to receive updates as long as our servers are online.

We have moved our resources to our alternative domain GNATBOX.COM since GTA.COM may no longer be available in the future. Please use the domain for all GTA website and email communications. The domain is used to access the license servers from GB-OS 6.2.10 and higher. If your firewall is not on GB-OS 6.2.10 or higher the license servers may not be accessible to your firewall if the GTA.COM servers are no longer accessible.

The final version of GB-OS, GB-OS 6.2.12 was released on 5 July 2018. If you have a licensed version of GB-OS it will continue to function normally as nothing has changed. Our servers are still operating and will continue to operate while GB-OS 6.2.12 is being developed. Even after the release of GB-OS 6.2.12 the servers will most likely continue to operate until we can no longer afford to keep them running.

This FAQ is a work in progress. It will be added to and modified as new information becomes available